Before Chiropractic with Dr. Fraser, I was in lots of pain, very impatient, and angry all the time. Now, after starting with Dr. Fraser, I’m more energetic, the pain is gone, and I have more patience with my children.

– Susan

Since starting chiropractic with Dr. Fraser, I have no pain in my legs or feet, I’m sleeping more than 2 hours at a time without waking up in pain, and my hiatus hernia hasn’t bothered me at all.

– Lee

Since I started to receive adjustments from Dr. Fraser, I am suffering with few to no headaches and migraines, less muscle tension in my hips and neck, and my “digestive flow” is more consistent. I’m more comfortable in my body!

– Sam

Dr. Fraser’s chiropractic care has allowed me to perform everyday activities without pain, so I’ve been exercising and have lost 27lbs, and I no longer have any dysfunction of the thyroid!

– Sheri

Having lower back pain due to the nature of my work, I did see one other chiropractor last year and it didn’t improve the situation. I met Dr. Fraser through a common friend and after few weeks I started feeling better and now I do not have any lower back pain.

5/5 – Sept 19, 2012

Troy has been great! I have been going to him for 6 years and he has kept me in great shape! Our newest thing that he has fixed is my jaw. It has been clicking for years and he fixed in a few short visits. He is friendly and very available. I would refer him to anyone. He is just so gentle. I have so many good things to say about him.

5/5 – Aug 16, 2011

Of all the chiropractors I’ve seen, he is the best. He takes x-rays before he does anything.

5/5 – Mar 30, 2011